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Too often, deal makers simply ignore, defer, or underestimate the significance of people issues in mergers and acquisitions. They gather reams of financial, commercial, and operational data, but their attention to what we call human due diligence—understanding the culture of an organization and the roles, capabilities, and attitudes of its people—is at best cursory and at worst nonexistent.

David Harding and Ted Rouse


""We regularly work with Scopexec teams for Management and Organization Due Diligence missions.
We appreciate their willingness and ability to create a relationship of trust with participating executives and their teams in due diligence phases. They are a team of experienced consultants that combine respect for people with a proven methodology.
The enlightenment they provide is precious, both in the decision process as well as the support of post-deal management teams. ""

− Louis de Lestanville – Argos Expansion

""We have entrusted the Scopexec teams repeatedly with Management Due Diligence missions. The aim was to ensure the adequacy of the management team for the development strategy we are funding. We are used to gauging leaders and teams. Other dimensions can be extremely difficult to assess without the support of competent management experts such as Scopexec partners. Contrary to my expectations, leaders welcome this approach, and often ask to extend the mission in the company. Before investment, sharing with Scopexec associates is a real asset! ""

− Jean-Mathieu Sahy – Capital Export

""I began a transformation program in 2011. This transformation was intended to increase the turnover of FuturMaster by 60% in 3 years. We are about to achieve this ambitious goal.
It was made possible thanks to the effort and transformation of all the company managers. Individual assessments, collective and individual experiences, as well as the sharing of the assessment among managers and members of the Executive Committee played a key role in our transformation. This helped to change our relationships within the team, including my own."

− Bo Zhou – CEO FuturMaster

""The manager of an investment and their teams are the heart of our investment business. Scopexec consultants are now involved in our interests to accelerate their development.
Experts in implementation, they are always focused on the coherence of people and their discourse. I watched as their systemic approach sweeps over men and the organization to allow a rapid mobilization of the teams on the right issues. Precious time was saved. ""

− Jean De Puybaudet – Capital Export

""Together with two investment funds, I bought the company Spengler in 2012. As often in an acquisition transaction, the first year was a bit complicated and performance of the resulting group did not live up to our expectations.
The time spent with the Scopexec consultant, in particular for the assessment, was a powerful tool to enable us to implement our business plan. If I had known, I would have brought them in right from Due Diligence. We would have saved ourselves at least a year! ""

− Jean-Nicolas Le Bas – CEO Spengler